Hotel Holzer ***

Summer offers


Dearly guest and loved friends

These are difficult times for all of us,

but our hearts are wide open.

We are dreaming carefully and gentle into the early summer.

In your beloved Dolomites the summer is absolutely wonderful:

The never ending fields of flowers,

Colourful blossoms dappling the meadows,

You see them at all the hanging baskets on the balconies,

on your dining table and plates and our hiking boots will lead us again through the mountains and peaks towards happiness.

The air is clear and everywhere it smells of delicious freshness

We are dreaming of the simple things…

…the sound of the cowbells in front of our house,

the gentian`s colours of the flowers

the gentle rustle of the stream and from the endless energy of our mountains.

A place, to find again our peace and well-being but most of all to recharge the lost vitality.

We are dreaming about dipping our feed into the fresh mountain water to slowly find our playful and swinging laughter back again.

We are dreaming about all these simple things…

Full of gratitude

Welcome back home

Nicole and Stefan,

Anna Katharina and Marie

and our wonderful staff